My First Dog Workshop

When:  April 21, 2018  Saturday   9:00 AM  - 12:30 PM

Where:  HMKC Training Building - Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds

Cost:   FREE  !!

Our club is sponsoring a workshop on making good decisions about adding a dog to your family.  There will be a number of presentations followed by Q & A's.  Some of the topics covered:

. What every veterinarian would like you to know

. Rescue or purebred  - Temperament evaluation

. How to select a breeder

. Grooming your dog

. Understanding a pedigree

There will also be live demonstrations on obedience, agility and conformation training.  Club members are encouraged to bring their dogs to meet the public at the end of the workshop.

The workshop is FREE!  Pre-registration is requested.  Contact Alice Elliott at


CGC Workshop

None Scheduled at this time

HMKC training Building - L&C County Fairgrounds

Cost: $30

 The Workshop covers the exercises that will be performed during the CGC evaluation,
and the criteria for passing the evaluation.

If you are interested in attending a CGC Workshop, please contact Caroline


Canine Good Citizen Evaluations
There are no scheduled CGC evaluation events at the present time. 
 Please send an email to Caroline regarding your interest.  
  Caroline will schedule an evaluation when appropriate.

Cost: $5.00 per dog