Conformation is an event for the pure bred, intact dog that is registered with AKC.  This is the Beauty pageant of the dog show world.  In this event dogs are evaluated based on the AKC Breed standard by judges who have  the experience and knowledge gained over many years of breeding and showing dogs, they are licensed through AKC to perform this task.  Dogs earn their Championship, Grand Championship and Registry of Merits through these events.  This is the event were breeding stock are evaluated for future breeding consideration.

To show a dog to these titles, there are many skills required of the owner, groomer, handler and the dog.  There is more to it than what meets the eye.  We currently do not have a formal class to teach these skills, but we do have a time in our training building set aside for anyone wanting to learn and practice the skills required for this event.  The club members who attend these sessions are very helpful and supportive of individuals who want to learn more about this activity.

Practice – Drop in practice sessions, all levels of experience is welcome.   These are scheduled for Sunday afternoons from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM, in the HMKC training building at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds.  The cost to non-members is $5.  These are in effect, rehearsal/practice opportunities of the various ring procedures that are used by the judges in the conformation ring.  The facilitator of the session will offer suggestions that may be helpful to improve the skills used in the ring.  for more information contact Florence at