New Rally Rules, Signs and Titles
Announced by AKC
We are working on plans for classes for all these NEW and EXCITING and CHALLENGING aspects for this event.
These new features of Rally go into effect on November 1 of 2017.
More information to come as classes are scheduled


Rally is the one of the newer events introduced by AKC.  It requires teamwork between the dog and handler to maneuver the course.  The course is different at each trial, designed by the judge.  There are 4 titles that can be earned in Rally; Novice, Advanced, Excellent and the RAE.  This sport utilizes many of the "doodle" exercises that have been used by trainers for many years to develop and refine the needed skills for the more formal obedience competition.

A course will consist of between 14 and 20 signs depicting a variety of exercises.  Each sign station is numbered, the signs have to be executed in a prescribed order, yes they are numbered.  You can talk to your dog and give extra commands and encourage your dog in executing an exercise.

This Rally class is an Introduction to the sport of Rally Obedience.  It is an activity that will enhance the dog's interest in obedience exercises and spark an interest in the handler's desire to participate in the Rally events. The class includes training methods for developing the skills needed to perform the Rally exercises. 

Rally Workshops
Rally Workshops – Intended for individuals who are familiar with the sport of Rally.  The exercises and courses used in these workshops are focused on improving performance to optimize resulting score in Rally competition.   This type of workshop is scheduled when there are a sufficient number of interested individuals and is customized to the needs of those registered.